ACM - Aluminum Composite Material

ACM - Aluminum Composite Material is a rigid sign board with an aluminum surface on both sides and a resin core. There are many different brand names for this product including Dibond, Polymetal, E-Panel and others. It is an excellent material for long term outdoor signage at a reasonable cost. These signs can be finished with a matte or gloss laminate and have a life expectancy of at least five years. They can be shape cut and easily drilled for simple installation. They are frequently used for permanent installation on fence and buildings as well as interior and exterior wayfinding signage. They have a smooth & refined finish. ACM signs can be any size.

More about ACM

We provide aluminum composite panels cutting with perfect holes, slots and V-grooves. Use ACP Aluminium Panels and get strong structure for exterior curtain walls and architectural facade.
CNC cutting services for industrial and commercial applications. Get aluminum composite sign boards for advertising. Why use ACM sign panels? These panels are lightweight, highly acid-resistant, and highly alkaline-resistant. As a result, ACM panels are weatherproof and very rigid. They’re perfect for hosting outdoor signage. Being light weight, these are perfect for indoor and outdoor signage.

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